Be in Peace

Are you anxious. Stressed!
The word of God says, You shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts on thee – Isaiah 26:3

Let your mind meditate on the Lord, his nature and his goodness and you shalt be at peace. He is all that we ever want and need for our Peace.

He is my Awesome God

Remember how God said my Name is Wonderful to Manoah and showed his awesome wonders to the people of Israel

He  is my mighty God

Remember his mightiness when he stretched forth his outstretched arm and separated the red seas and drowned all the pharaoh’s army before Israel.

My God is a benevolent God



God is a lover of my soul


God is a merciful God

God is a faithful God

God is a holy God

God is a healing God

My God is the saviour God

My God is the King of Kings

My God is the bread of life

My God is the kinsman redeemer

My God is my good counsellor

My God is a lord of Justice. He is the Judge of all Earth.

My God is the Most high God. El Eleon

My God is the Price of Peace. His name is Jehovah Shalom

My God is the most high priest. He is the everlasting interceder

My God is the Word and the creator of the universe. He upholds all things by the integrity of his Word.

My God is the Begining and the End. he is the Alpha and the Omega.

My God is the covenant keeping God. I inherit all the covenant blessings of Abraham, by Jesus’ blood covenant on the Cross.

My God is my strong tower and fortress of my refuge.

My God is my great I AM

My God is El Roi. He is the God who sees. He sees me.

My God is the God of Super abundance. He is the El Shaddai. He is the owner of the cattle of the thousand hills. The Earth and its fullness are his. And I am his steward.

My God is the mighty commander and is the Lord of Hosts.

My God is the great ruler seated on the everlasting throne.

My God is the passover Lamb of god.

My God is the Lord of the Sabbath

My God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. His name is above all name.

My God is the Light of the World.

My God is the victorious King. He is a royal king and I belong to a royal priesthood

My God is the the promised land, the land of the living and overflowing with milk and honey

My Lord God is the rock of my salvation.

My Lord God is the rose of Sharon and sweet aroma unto God.

My God is the balm of Gilead and is  the healing ointment

My God is a jealous God.

My God is a God of vengeance

My God is the potter, I am the clay

My God encompasses all and is all in all.