Trust me, my Beloved!

Weep not my Darling. I’m your daddy.  Don’t I know your situation & will I not come through for you when you call on me. My eyes go to and forth to strengthen the hearts of those who trust me and fear me.

I left my glory and came down to Earth and went through the path of affliction on the Cross hoping/ trusting that my Father God will raise me up and I will be seated in heavenly places again.

I came to reconcile you to God and to be with me for eternity. Is my hand shortened that I can’t deliver you or Am I blind to your pain? I am a God who sees you. I have carved you on the palms of my hand, my dear and you are the Apple of my eye!

For the plans I have for you are  of good and not evil. Your reward is great and surely you shall have an expected end. Your lines are fallen in pleasant places. You have found favour in the eyes of your Lord God, the God of Israel and  have come to rest under his wings. Your reward shall be great.

Just wait on my promises and meditate on my Word. Your mourning shall turn into dancing. Your horn shall be exalted. . So Rejoice! Sing into a psalm and break forth into dancing.  For the Lord God hath seen your affliction and turned your sorrow into joy. He who has promised you is faithful, He will surely perform it. Be blessed in Jesus name. Hallelujah!