Fear Not I am with You

Originated and raised in a sun kissed place.

Soul enriched with love and warm embrace.

Then the only one of my mother and the delight of my father

Lord – ordered steps and nourished with prayer.

Through His Grace completed the school years.

In a swift of time, I graduated in Bachelors.

My limited mind decided to work in my country

Whereas The Limitless One extended my boundary.

Flying abroad to pursue higher education!

I got to be joking! Definitely my imagination!

His ways are glorious. His ways are marvellous!

Has such thoughts that seems so wondrous!

Spent a year and accumulated with various option.

Sought His Face and understood, London to be His Decision.

“God spoke to me and gave a personalised word,” once said my pastor with much delight.

“Oh God of no partiality would you do the same” was my prayer that night.

“Fear not for I am with you!” a very clear utterance.

Oh yes! That’s my doorbell, but none made appearance.

Speechless with much joy untold was I when heard the word.

Oh was it You who spoke? Could You divulge I know it ain’t hard.

Confirmations of the same Word kept stacking up.

He seemed more interested than I with unique plans all set up.

Elevated in excitement with assumed entertainment.

Deprecated with disappointment, when reality isn’t of amusement.

Not very nifty, neither groovy was the house I stayed.

Determined to adjust with dynamically High – Spirited.

Gradual discomfort piloted for relationships to turn sour.

Thrown out of the house!! Jeopardy and precariousness to the core!

Where should I go? How must I survive?

Mind turned blank with panic gripped inside.

Received assistance from a reputed friend of my father.

Instructed to meet the local pastor with delay no further.

The day I was sent out was on a Saturday!

Doesn’t most churches here open only on Sunday!

This God I serve is amazing. He made a way!

I met the local pastor, a man of much calmness who made my day!

“I can ask my church members, but there isn’t any guarantee” said he.

“My God, I don’t have anyone to help me but you” I cried within me

Very soon we came to the last quarter of the session.

The pastor stood to announce my plea to the congregation.

Before he could explain, before he could conclude.

One lady rose up her hand to take me in!

A miracle so preeminent! Impossible to fathom!

The Only Omnipotent made my life to blossom!

I was provided a home to reside.

Wasn’t left on my own to survive.

After all the drama and adventure.

I was prompted to remember

The WORD He spoke “Fear not I am with you!”

Reached Fulfilment! How Awesome! How True!!