Not a stone of condemnation

Not a stone of Condemnation

“Come in my Dear… Spend the twilight.  

Lots of fun and much to delight.” 

Said a Man, a master of flattery

Oh those words! I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t prevent.
Night had eloped and dawn marched forth
Ushering a massive bunch of accusing crowd.
The recriminate words! The unavoidable shame!
I am exposed and certainly cannot escape!
With embarrassment as my covering and dragged along the road of condemnation.
I was to be judged by The One, who is esteemed with high exaltation
With accusation and judgement all around, The Judge seemed busy writing on the ground.
When believers of the Law, demanded stoning to be the solution!
The fullness of grace, analysed their perfection.
What a wonder! what a declaration!
Oh! I am free from the crutches of condemnation.
No accuser with stone could I detect

“Neither would I condemn you. Go and sin no more”

The amazing verdict I ever appreciate. To God be the glory!