Nov 26 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord children of the most high God. scripture readings from 1 Sam 15:22-23 & Gen 26:1-3;

The word of God says; To obey is better than sacrifice. When God speaks to us, God wants us to not only listen to Him but also follow His instructions. If God has given you instructions and you haven’t followed it or done it -Take heed to his voice and obey. For rebellion is like witchcraft and stubbornness. It is an iniquity and idolatry. When we reject God’s word, God rejects us but when we Keep his word, He blesses us. Many blessings come with obedience. Isaac obeyed Gods word when the Lord told him “Do not go down to Egypt live in the land of which I tell you. I Will be with you and bless you and your descendants. I will give all these lands and perform the oaths which I swore to Abraham your father”. Issac obeyed and He prospered in the land. You follow His instructions and you too shall prosper nothing can stop you from receiving your blessing. You are blessed just obey. God bless you

Oct 31 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord, people of the most high God. Today’s scripture reading is from 1 Samuel 1:8-18 & Psalms 55:16-18.

How sweet is your presence O Lord!

The psalmist says, As for me I will call upon my God , and the Lord shall save me. Evening and morning, and at noon I will pray and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice. He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me. For there were many against me. He has redeemed you from every battle and given you victory.  When we call on His name Jesus He will answer us while we are yet speaking. He is a God who hears us. Hannah went up to Shiloh this time with a different agenda. She neither ate nor drank but went into the temple and poured out her heart before God. She offered her brokenness as a living sacrifice unto the Lord. She made a vow to the Lord. She was groaning from her heart. Only her lips moved but her voice was not heard.  She was sorrowful in the spirit. She went into His presence one way and came out with her changed countenance. God changed her mourning into rejoicing. Her petition was granted. In His presence there is answer to prayer. Spend quality time in His presence. He wants to reveal His plans and strategies to you. Don’t RUSH. Enjoy his presence. God bless you!