Jan 04 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord saints of the most High God. Today’s scripture reading is from Mathew 6: 25-34; Proverbs 3:5-6; Phil 4:6

This year you will not worry about anything but you will cast all your cares unto the Lord for He cares for you. You will not be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God. God cares for the birds in the air who neither sow nor reap,yet our Heavenly Father feeds them. You are much more valuable and precious in His sight and He has already provided everything for you even before a need can arise. Just like the ram was kept for Abraham even before he made his way to the top of the mount. He couldn’t see it because it had to be provided at the right time, similarly what you need will be given to you at the right time just  learn to trust him fully and lean not on your own understanding. In everything you do acknowledge the Lord and He will direct your path. Right now, He is making a way for you and He will direct your footsteps according to his word. God bless you.

Dec 25 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord saints of the most high God. Today’s scripture is from Proverbs 23:18 & Psalms 62:5-8.

The word of God says “For surely there is a latter end (a future and a reward)and your hope and expectation shall not be cut off”. When we pray we must expect that we will see the manifestation and the miracles. Every morning, we wake up to His mercies that are new every morning. We give Him thanks. We offer our praise. We walk in His favour and grace. As we are in the latter part of this year our  expectation should be great because our expectation is from Him. He is our rock, our salvation, our defence and we shall not be moved. Trust in Him at all times! You people! pour out your heart before him. God is our refuge. The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off.  God bless you.

Dec 07 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord saints of they  most high God. Today’s scripture is Proverbs 19:21 & Psalms 33:10-11.

The plans that God has for each one of us is good and not of evil that we may have an expected end. We lift our plans to God and say these are our plans, but let your plans be fulfilled in our lives because you hold our future you know what is good for us. Let every other plan that is not of God be brought to  no effect. Let the counsel of the Lord stand forever. There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless  it is the Lord’s counsel that will stand. None of God’s thoughts towards your life shall be hindered. Have your way Lord. God bless you

Oct 23 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord people of the most high God. Scripture reading is from 2 Cor 4:16-18 & Prov 24:10

At this moment, what ever you are going through is only a temporary in convenience. If it is your finances ,family problems, brokenness, sorrow or sickness they are all subject to change as you continue to pray in faith  holding on to your promise. The word of God says, therefore we do not lose heart. Though our outward man is perishing ,yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. The things we are going through in life are making us stronger in our faith. They are light affliction compared to what Jesus suffered for us on the cross. They are temporary so don’t go by what you are looking at as they will change. For we walk by faith and not by sight. Everything that is creating fear, making you anxious or upset has to change. But we imagine or picturise the things that are unseen because what is unseen is permanent and eternal. Let there be a shift in your mind. God bless you.

Oct 17 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord people of the most high God scripture reading for today is Prov 23:18 & Isaiah 54:4.

Jesus took our shame on the cross so that we will never be ashamed. Isaiah 54:4. Do not fear for you will not be ashamed, neither be disgraced for you will not be put to shame. For you will forget the shame of your youth and not remember the reproach of your widowhood any more. For you  know who you  have believed and you are  persuaded that He is able to keep  what you have committed  to him until that Day. 2 Tim 2:12. Continue to trust him completely. He will never ever let you down. He will surely work out things in your life and my life that no man can work out. Continue to hope on him and expect from him. Your expectations are of the Lord and your hope and your future is in him and it shall not be cut off. He will come through for you this very moment. Just trust him. God bless you.

Oct 09 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord people of the most high God. Today’s scripture reading is from Isaiah 43:1-2; Deuteronomy 31:6 & Prov 18:24.

The Lord is near. He is not a God afar off. He is a God that dwells in the midst of His people. He is a God who cares about every minute detail in our life. He is a God that sticks closer than a brother. In Deuteronomy 31:6, it says, Be strong and of good courage. Do not fear or be afraid of them. For the Lord your God. He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. In the book of Isaiah 43:1-2, He says, fear not when you pass through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you.When you walk through the fires you shall not be burned or the flames scorch you. We have the blessed assurance from His word that He is always with us.In the storm to calm it. In the lions den to shut the mouth of the lions and in the fiery furnace as the fourth person. What a mighty God we serve. Lets give Him all the praise Glory and honour. Be blessed.