Dec 28 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord children of the most high God. Today’s scripture reading is from Gen 24:50 & Gen 41:32

God’s visions, His dreams, promises and prophesies for your life will be surely fulfilled. When Eliezer, Abraham’s  servant narrated the entire scenario to Laban and Bethuel they said “the thing comes from the Lord we cannot speak to you either bad or good“. When God speaks and does things, we just embrace it we do not say any thing against it. God has given us great visions, dreams which only he can establish for us and bring it to pass in our lives. When Joseph heard, Pharoah had the dream repeated twice. He said “because the thing is established by God,and God will shortly bring it to pass. Everything God has spoken into your life whether it was through a dream, vision or His word. He will shortly bring it to pass. He is not a man to lie nor the son of man to repent. Has he not spoken will He not do it. He who has called you is faithful to do it. God bless you.

Dec 13 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord children of the most high God. Today’s scripture reading is from Psalms 5:12; Genesis 39 :1-6 & 21-23;

The word of God says that He will bless the righteous with favour and surround him with favour. God has blessed us with his favour. God delights in us and we have God’s approval in every thing we are favoured. Like Joseph sold into Potiphar’s house as a slave but did not remain as a slave because of the favour of God. God was with Joseph and the household of Potiphar prospered because of Joseph. Joseph found favour in the sight of his master and his master made him an overseer of his house. Joseph also found favour with the prison in charge and was given to be the head in charge because God was with him. May you operate with the favour of God. May the Lord delight in you and approve you and may you be promoted in every area in your life. Esther found favour with Hegai because she pleased him and she was given special treatment. Esther 2:15 and Esther found favour in the sight of all who saw her and in verse 17 it says she obtained grace and favour in the sight of the king more than all the other virgins. Today let each one of us see Gods favour move us into places we never expected. Receive things we never dreamed about and experience Gods favour and His approval in our lives in a mighty way. God bless you

Nov 26 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord children of the most high God. scripture readings from 1 Sam 15:22-23 & Gen 26:1-3;

The word of God says; To obey is better than sacrifice. When God speaks to us, God wants us to not only listen to Him but also follow His instructions. If God has given you instructions and you haven’t followed it or done it -Take heed to his voice and obey. For rebellion is like witchcraft and stubbornness. It is an iniquity and idolatry. When we reject God’s word, God rejects us but when we Keep his word, He blesses us. Many blessings come with obedience. Isaac obeyed Gods word when the Lord told him “Do not go down to Egypt live in the land of which I tell you. I Will be with you and bless you and your descendants. I will give all these lands and perform the oaths which I swore to Abraham your father”. Issac obeyed and He prospered in the land. You follow His instructions and you too shall prosper nothing can stop you from receiving your blessing. You are blessed just obey. God bless you

Nov 15 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord people of the most high God. Today’s scripture reading is from. Genesis 22:1-19 & 1 Kings 3:1-9.

Giving is an act of worship. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Give your time to God, your skills and talents to be used for the kingdom of God. Your resources’every dream and vision to God. Your family to the service of God your finances to God. Do not withhold anything from the one who gave you every thing that is a sign to make God know that none of these things can separate you from the love of  God. In painful times you still worship God like Abraham did. He said “I and the lad shall go and worship.” Then I will sacrifice my son. My worship is my sacrifice but that doesn’t hinder me from giving God what He asked of me.What is He asking you today. Give it to him. He is worthy to receive everything from you for nothing belongs to you. Have a visitation from the lord just like Solomon had. Where the Lord asked him what do you want? Pour out your worship to him and let him have it all. He is the only one who is worthy of it all. God bless you.

Oct 11 -Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord beloved of the most high God. Scripture readings for today are Gen 28:13-15; & Gen 32: 22-32.

People of God! The word of God is filled with promises of God and those promises are for us the redeemed of the Lord. Every promise and prophesy from God will surely come to pass because it is Gods word. It has gone forth it shall not return void. It shall accomplish the purpose for which it has been sent out. Jacob received this word from the Lord and still did not see its fulfilment until he wrestled with God. God had to release those blessing that were hanging in the air into his life by blessing him. He even changed his name to Israel. Have you wrestled with God in prayer,  regarding His promises and prophesies that have gone forth in your life. Don’t doubt God’s word. Pray constantly! Pray persistently. You will see every dream and every vision and prophesy come alive. Wage a good fight in prayer, regarding the prophesies you have received so that you can see their fulfilment in your life.The enemy is waging war against your faith and belief that you have upon Gods word. He will try his best to stop or delay the manifestation of Gods word. But you need to fight that good fight and not give up on what God has spoken until you see its manifestation. PRAY. You will see it birth out. Its your season, do not miss it. God bless you