Jan 03 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord people of the most high God. Today’s scripture is from Mathew 28:18-20; Mark 16: 14-20

God has great work for us in this new year. He says the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. He wants us to be fishers of men. Jesus said”Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of the Father son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of age”. Amen. This year is a year of a big catch. Let us take all the opportunities that we have to spread His light and to make Jesus known to  many. Let us fulfil God’s great commission by seeking the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you. While you go out doing what God commanded you to do through His word, you will be accompanied by signs and wonders. God bless you.

Dec 17 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord children of the most High God. Today’s scripture reading is from Hebrews 11:6; Mark 9:23-24; Mark 11:20-24.

We are almost coming to the end of this year and we just got 14 days left for this year to end and for us to be in the new year 2019. Let us thank God for all that He has done for us. Let us hold on to our faith for the things that are yet to manifest. Without giving up. Knowing that the one who spoke will surely perform it. The word of God says that with out faith we  cannot please God
He who comes to God must believe He is and a rewarder of them who diligently seek him. Today diligently seek the Lord for him to move and sort out things in your life. Jesus told the man if only you believe you shall receive. Take moments today in thanking God for things that haven’t yet manifested as if they were and you have received them. You are not far from your break through. God bless you.

Nov 08 -Daily devotion

Praise the Lord people of the most high God. Today’s  scripture reading is Mark 4:35 -40 & Acts 27:21-25.

Gods word stands forever. It will never fail you at any time. Unless we stopped believing it or we are confessing negative against the word of God or if our faith is not mixed with the word of God. Today God is reminding us that no storm that you are going through in life can kill or destroy you because I have already given you a word that is “Let us cross over to the other side”. The other side has great things awaiting you,mighty miracles and great breakthroughs. The enemy can only pull your faith and belief through FEAR. The disciples had Jesus in their boat just like you and me  we have Jesus in our life in us and yet we are fearful at times. God is saying you are crossing over to the other side. That problem sickness or situation cannot destroy you because I have already told you the end from the beginning. Paul told the people that there will  be no loss of life among you but only of the ship why? “Because – I carry destiny, I need to bear witness of Christ”. Who can kill you or destroy you. When you are in the purpose and plan of God. You are called to work in his Kingdom to expand and extend the kingdom. No weapon formed or fashioned against you shall prosper and every tongue that is rising up against you in judgement shall be condemned. You are an overcomer. God bless you.

Oct 12 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord children of the most high God. Scripture reading Psalms 68:28 & Mark 9:23-24.

God wants to display His power in our lives. He wants us to know who we are trusting and believing. He wants us to be aware of His power and might. In psalms 68:28, the word of God says, summon your power O God, the power O God! by which you have worked for us. God has displayed  His power and might in several occasions. Today, He wants you and me to bring to remembrance the many times in the past he has showed up for us and displayed his power in a vital way. He is the same unchanging God, yesterday, today and forever. He is one and the same and He changes not. There is nothing that he cannot do for you. There is nothing He cannot change and there is nothing he cannot turn around. In the book of Mark: 9 23-24, Jesus said if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. You will see it possible. The father of the child cried out and said I believe but help my unbelief. Today ask God lord help me to believe in you wholly and help my unbelief. Let your faith in Him silence every other voice in Jesus name. He will give you victory over every thing. Have a wonderful day.

Oct 08 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord, Children of the Most High God. Today’s scripture is from Mark 4:35-36 & Matthew 16:24

God has given us a word that we have crossed over to the other side in this 10th month. From sickness to good health; from sorrow and pain to Joy; from struggles to free flow; from anxiety and worry to peace. Every time they try to show up on this side, you will remind them that I have gained victory over you. The other side is completely a new level. Soak yourself in prayer, praise and His presence. In this level you will have new devils I mean challenges, but you will speak to the challenge and say He has given me victory over every situation and circumstances. Put God first in your life. Desire to extend His kingdom and serve him. Be in tune with the Holy Spirit and receive direction. Walk by faith and not by sight. Everything you need is already there. Give thanks to the Lord  and you will receive. The days of hard labour have ended.  You are in  a time of sweatless labour and free flow. God bless you