Oct 30 – Daily Devotion

Praise the Lord, saints of the most high God. Scripture reading Job 14:7-9 & Ezekiel 37:1-14

Speak life to your dry situations..

There is hope in the Lord for where you are, your situation, your circumstance, your job or career ,your family, your finances,your marriage and in every thing that you have been believing God for. If a tree that is completely dry can spring forth at the  scent or smell of water or rain. How much we who are washed in the blood, redeemed in the blood, bought by the blood, living by the word, We are a covenant people. Our hope in the Lord shall not be cut off. This morning, God is asking you – Can I heal you, deliver you, change your situation. Turn your mourning into dancing. Do a new thing? Answer him.  Yes Lord! You are more than able. He wants you to prophesy to that dry situation, to that stagnation over your body, over your sons life, daughters life or any one whom you are concerned about. Speak life speak the word. It will respond to God’s word. God will cause the winds to blow as you prophesy and bring life to every dead situation. You will see things change, and your situation and circumstance will not be the same. Its your season to experience God’s power and great miracles.Take your prayer to another level.  Open your mouth and speak. You will have a testimony to glorify God. God bless you!