05 June 2021 Sermon – He hath called us

Audio sermon

Dear Beloved,

He hath called us unto a holy calling and has given us His grace and favour for his purpose.


2  Timothy 1:9

Titus 2:11

Genesis 6:1-8 (meditation)

2 Samuel 12:1-13

Psalms 51:1-3,7,10

Genesis 2:19

Ephesians 4:8

Psalms 68:18-19

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 –

You are liberated. Know your identiy – who you are  in CHRIST

John 1:1

Joshua 2:11

Matthew 16:13-16

Meditate on Peter’s life and the fulfillment of God’s prophecy upon his life.

Acts 2:41;

Acts 12:10  (Meditation Acts 12:1-17)

Pray at all times for Iron doors to open.  Pray without ceasing as there is power in prayer.

His  grace is available to all in every area of your life.