23 Oct 2021 sermon – You are in for Elevation

Dear Beloved,

Audio Sermon

We are protected under the shadow of the Almighty. Let us lift the name of our God and Magnify our God.

This is the season to move forward and to step in. Don’t miss your season by getting caught up in various philosophies and vain distractions.

You will see clearly as you lift your voice to Praise our God. Ruth was led to the right field when there were many other fields.  In this season, God has multiple things in store for you.

Esther 2:15

Our God is a champion, get in alignment with his Instructions for your Elevation.  You are in for an Elevation

James 4:3

Esther 4:14

Nehemiah 1:11

Hebrews 11:23-27

John 10:10

Matthew 6:19-20

Meditate on Luke 19:12-27 The parable of the Talents

2 Kings 3:6-17;18

And this is but a light thing in the sight of the LORD: he will deliver the Moabites also into your hand.

Be Blessed in King Jesus name. Amen!