A peek into David’s Heart

God testified concerning David: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’  Acts 13:22

 David was a man after God’s  heart. God established David as the King of Israel and testified concerning him that he was a man after his own Heart. God was so pleased with David that he made a covenant with David to establish his House forever.  God spoke Your (David’s) kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne (through Christ) will be established forever [2 Samuel 7:16]. O! What a privilege for David to get such a promise from the Almighty God. When man intends to do something for God, God blesses him with uncontainable blessings. Here, David intended to build the House of God and God blessed  him with a promise of everlasting legacy.  David was so overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks for God. What a Great God we have? What a glorious God we serve. Hallelujah!  Now, let’s have a quick peek into the heart of David, that pleased God so much that He showered such magnificent blessings on the House of David.

The Narrative:

Let us recount briefly the events in King David’s life leading to this wonderful benediction from God. David had gone through various trials and great struggles, but God carried him through and established His kingdom. David’s kingdom was now established about this time and God had given him rest from all his surrounding enemies [2 Samuel 7:1]. But David could not rest at ease in his Kingdom, as his heart was after God’s house. He said to Nathan the Prophet, that while he lived in a House of Cedars, ark of the covenant of God was still dwelling in a tent. So he wanted to  build a house for God. The prophet acceded to David’s desire to do all that his heart wishes as God was with Him [1 Samuel 18:14]. Now the very same night God moved the prophet to go back to David with his instructions. Imagine this-  God was so pleased with David’s desire concerning God’s house that He didn’t allow the prophet a moment to rest but go back and give David his command and blessings. Wow- what a God we serve! When a man desire’s to do something for God’s house God doesn’t allow his angels to rest but dispatches them to commend his blessings. God promised through the Prophet Nathan that David’s dynasty will be established to rule forever because of his earnest  desire to build a House for God. David’s heart  was overwhelmed and he worshiped God  filled with thanks and gratitude [2 Samuel 7].

As we meditate on this striking course of events, its key words and similes, we get a wonderful picture of David’s heart. Let’s peek at what David’s heart is about?

Zeal for God’s House

David had a zeal for God’s house. Even when he had rest from his enemies, he couldn’t rest because the House for God wasn’t established yet. His mind was concerned about God’s House.  Indeed when we look at how he brought the Ark of the covenant of God with singing and dancing and blessing others forgetting his own self, we can bet that the zeal for House of God consumed him. We see how Jesus was angered when the House of God was made into a place of trading merchandise. And it is written that the zeal for the House of God consumed Him [Jesus]. Not only in lineage, in matters of heart, King David carried the traits of our Lord’s heart. And it is rightly stated metaphorically, Jesus is acknowledged and referred as Son of David.

 Staying in Servantship:

Right through the chapter, we see David address himself as servant of God. He was God’s servant when he herded sheep in the pastures and he is servant still after becoming a great King who had victory over all his enemies. David had rest. He was settled. Yet he does not forget his past. He always referred himself as God’s servant. May we always have this humility and attitude to our Lord God at all times

Acknowledging God’s magnificent greatness:

When God spoke about establishing David’s house, he could not stop acknowledging God’s greatness and magnificence. He remembered how God had carried his people by displaying his awesome power and with great and mighty acts. When you remember the great acts of God, your heart is filled with awe and thankfulness.

Remembering his past:

David never forget his past. He always remembered his humble beginning. Whenever you acknowledge God, remembering your past brings a sense of deep gratitude and thankfulness for God’s goodness. You can never forget how God met you at your point of need and carried you through your tight places. When we remember how  God has been so good to us, it fills us with a burning desire to serve God willingly and cheerfully. 

Overwhelmed with gratitude at God’s goodness:

David’s heart was overwhelmed with gratitude when God spoke about establishing his House. He said – Now what can I say Lord, for you know your servant. He had no words. How privileged we are to have such a good God. O! How he blesses his people with uncontainable blessings. His thoughts for us is far higher than our thoughts for us. Let our hearts be overwhelmed always at God’s goodness.

 Delight and boast in God:

David never lost a moment to delight and boast in his God. He said – There is no one like Our God, None beside thee. Remember how he delighted in bringing the Ark of the Covenant of his God with singing and dancing.  All Israel rejoiced. A delightful heart and a heart that boasts upon God is a heart that pleases God.

Fearful reverence:

David always had a fearful reverence for God. He delighted in God’s goodness yet he worshiped him out of fearful reverence. He said- Your servant has now found courage to pray even when he received a covenant blessing from God that his dynasty will be established forever. May we all learn from David‘s heart to have a fearful reverence for God.

Confessing God’s blessings over and over:

King David did what pleased God. When he was blessed, he kept confessing all of God’s blessings. He prayed earnestly to God to confirm his words and establish his promise (a confession). A trusting heart (like David’s) always confesses God’s promises as a truth and settled matter. All petitions and prayers are now modulated into confessions and thanksgiving to confirm what God has spoken of the matter. May we learn to confess and stand (trust) on God’s word and promises in our lives.

Obedience to God’s will:

Finally, it must also be acknowledged, that while David’s heart burned with zeal for God, to do something for the House of God. But when God revealed to him that his son will build the House for God, not him… David accepted God’s will graciously and with gratitude. Even when the task that David wanted to do was pleasing to God, David was mindful that God has the final say over any matter. He simply obeyed God’s will over the matter. Like David, let our heart’s be not carried away by our zeal and emotions, but let us be subservient to God’s will.


Father God, We thank you and bless you for your wonderful demonstration of a man after your own heart. May we have the heart of David. May the zeal for your house consume us. Let our hearts be overwhelmed by your goodness, and may we be thankful and grateful in our hearts. Let us be subservient to your will in our lives O God. Give us the grace to delight in you and boast in your goodness and magnificence. We acknowledge your greatness and remember your mercies over our lives. Give us a heart of fearful reverence for you and may our hearts be filled with your love and blessings upon our lives. We submit to your will O God! as we confess with gratitude and thanks  for all of your prophecies and promises on our lives. Amen!

Be in Peace

Are you anxious. Stressed!
The word of God says, You shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts on thee – Isaiah 26:3

Let your mind meditate on the Lord, his nature and his goodness and you shalt be at peace. He is all that we ever want and need for our Peace.

He is my Awesome God

Remember how God said my Name is Wonderful to Manoah and showed his awesome wonders to the people of Israel

He  is my mighty God

Remember his mightiness when he stretched forth his outstretched arm and separated the red seas and drowned all the pharaoh’s army before Israel.

My God is a benevolent God



God is a lover of my soul


God is a merciful God

God is a faithful God

God is a holy God

God is a healing God

My God is the saviour God

My God is the King of Kings

My God is the bread of life

My God is the kinsman redeemer

My God is my good counsellor

My God is a lord of Justice. He is the Judge of all Earth.

My God is the Most high God. El Eleon

My God is the Price of Peace. His name is Jehovah Shalom

My God is the most high priest. He is the everlasting interceder

My God is the Word and the creator of the universe. He upholds all things by the integrity of his Word.

My God is the Begining and the End. he is the Alpha and the Omega.

My God is the covenant keeping God. I inherit all the covenant blessings of Abraham, by Jesus’ blood covenant on the Cross.

My God is my strong tower and fortress of my refuge.

My God is my great I AM

My God is El Roi. He is the God who sees. He sees me.

My God is the God of Super abundance. He is the El Shaddai. He is the owner of the cattle of the thousand hills. The Earth and its fullness are his. And I am his steward.

My God is the mighty commander and is the Lord of Hosts.

My God is the great ruler seated on the everlasting throne.

My God is the passover Lamb of god.

My God is the Lord of the Sabbath

My God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. His name is above all name.

My God is the Light of the World.

My God is the victorious King. He is a royal king and I belong to a royal priesthood

My God is the the promised land, the land of the living and overflowing with milk and honey

My Lord God is the rock of my salvation.

My Lord God is the rose of Sharon and sweet aroma unto God.

My God is the balm of Gilead and is  the healing ointment

My God is a jealous God.

My God is a God of vengeance

My God is the potter, I am the clay

My God encompasses all and is all in all.


Trust me, my Beloved!

Weep not my Darling. I’m your daddy.  Don’t I know your situation & will I not come through for you when you call on me. My eyes go to and forth to strengthen the hearts of those who trust me and fear me.

I left my glory and came down to Earth and went through the path of affliction on the Cross hoping/ trusting that my Father God will raise me up and I will be seated in heavenly places again.

I came to reconcile you to God and to be with me for eternity. Is my hand shortened that I can’t deliver you or Am I blind to your pain? I am a God who sees you. I have carved you on the palms of my hand, my dear and you are the Apple of my eye!

For the plans I have for you are  of good and not evil. Your reward is great and surely you shall have an expected end. Your lines are fallen in pleasant places. You have found favour in the eyes of your Lord God, the God of Israel and  have come to rest under his wings. Your reward shall be great.

Just wait on my promises and meditate on my Word. Your mourning shall turn into dancing. Your horn shall be exalted. . So Rejoice! Sing into a psalm and break forth into dancing.  For the Lord God hath seen your affliction and turned your sorrow into joy. He who has promised you is faithful, He will surely perform it. Be blessed in Jesus name. Hallelujah!


God has given victory

The lion of the Tribe of Judah has won victory. Donot weep. Your sorrow will be turned into joy. Hallelujah.

I am the way maker. I make a way where there is no way. I have given you the same power of resurrection over life. Am I not the God of resurrection and life?  Remember I have overcome death. I have overcome the world.  I reign over every circumstance and situation. In my presence, darkness and fear flees. As I am, so you are.  Command victory over your every situation and challenge and submit not your thoughts to the darts of the enemy.

Go in this might that you have. You are a mighty conqueror. Have I not said so. Fear Not. Only be strong and very courageous.  Go in my name. The battle is the Lord’s.  Your enemies shall come in one way and shall flee in seven ways. The Lord God shall smite the face of the enemy and uphold you with his righteous right hand.  No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper and you shall confute every tongue that rises up against you in judgement for the Lord God is pleased with you and there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Oh! when he had spoken who can alter it. His word is final.

You are an overcomer because of the blood of Jesus and by the word of your testimony.  Greater is he who is inside you than  he that is in the world. Cast down every negative thoughts, fear and strongholds and bring it captive into obedience of Christ. Donot be intimidated by the enemy’s lies. resist the devil and he shall flee from thee. You are always triumphant in Christ Jesus. You are always the head and not the tail. You shall do mighty exploits in the name of the Lord. Because his blood covenant is with you, his strength is your strength; his wealth and riches are your wealth and riches; and all that he has, he has given it to you in Christ Jesus. You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. Go with this might – O Mighty warrior!