Reign in dominion

Mar 30, 2019

Our God reigns. So walk in dominion. You are a friend of God. God has won the victory and restored Eden life.  So remove all strongholds and limitations from your mind. Allow God to reign over your mind, your future, your finances, your jobs and your life.

Be free from all limitations. You are set free.  Stop brooding over your present situation and what you see. Your destiny will be decided by God’s plan over your life. Donot limit God by your thoughts. God will supply all your needs according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

God is faithful to fulfil all that he has promised you. There is open heavens in your life. Believe in God and tap into it.  Get back to the Eden life and dominion life through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.

(Audio sermon below)

Audio Sermon