Season of deep deep prayer

Audio Sermon

Praise God, children of most high God. We give praise and thanks to God for keeping us in this year and bringing us to the eight month. God has kept good things for those who love him. Hold on , Hang on to him, wait on Him, be Willing and be obedient and you will eat the fruit of the Land. As you spend time with him, have the  fellowship and walk with him, he will grant us the desires of our God. All things are woking together for the good of those who love their God. Our God is intentional. Seek him intimately. Our God is an intentional God. He will never fail you and he is faithful God. He is doing something so beautiful and amazing.  |Spend time in prayer and fellowship with Him. Eyes have not seen , ears have not heard what God has prepared for those who love him.  God bless you.