Let me have my way in your life

25 Jan 2020

Audio Sermon

Dear Beloved,
In this last week, you are in for in-explainable miracles. If your desire is to see  him, you will see him at the point of your need. I want to see you JESUS. This is your moment to surrender unto him and enter in his presence and say, ‘Not my way Lord, Let it be your way. Not my will, let it be your will. Not my thoughts, let it be your thoughts.’

I lay everything down. Lord, have your way in me and my family. Come to the place of worship where you hunger for his presence. Surrender to his will. He wants the best for you. In 2020, if you stay obedient and desire what he desires, you will come to the place God prepared for you. You will be victorious because He is carrying you through. The enemy will try to bring unbelief, doubt and wants to drive you out of your destiny, whose voice do you want to listen.

Meditation verse: Judges 6:11

Let’s not doubt God . In your affliction God is with you. Whatever is fighting you, God has given you victory. Pull down the altars that cause you to fear and doubt the word of God in your mind and erect the altar of God. This church should be built like the armies of Gideon- no fear, – trust in God 100% .

If God is with you, when problems come, God shall make a way of escape.  Speak the word of God and completely trust in him. Joshua and Caleb had different perspective although all the spies saw the same thing. We speak the word of God over our situation. Elijah ran with the word of God ahead of Ahab. Whatever is trying to intimidate you cannot prosper, but the word of the Lord shall surely come to pass. Run the race with the word of God.