Walking in dominion

Apr 01, 2019

Praise the Lord, people of the most high God. Today’s scripture reading is from Colossians 1:12-18; Psalms 8:3-9

We enter into this month of  intimacy with Christ, which gives you victory to a month of walking in dominion. This month of April you will exercise dominion on every situation and circumstance. You will reign high above every thing that you are facing. Our God reigns and He rules. He wants us to do the same. Stop giving the power and authority that Christ as given to you to people or situations that you are in or problems and storms you are facing. Know that, Jesus Christ is Lord and at the mention of His name every demon, sickness, poverty, name it all to bow. You are created to have  dominion over the works of Gods hands. Remove slave mentality and walk in dominion and take authority over what is dominating over and put it under your feet. God bless you